Echo of Hope

   The blog I am reading today is about a little boy named Ari Francis “Danger” Schultz who was diagnosed with Critical Aortic Stenosis when his Mom was 18wks pregnant with him . I found this blog randomly, like I do most blogs, and I can’t stop reading it.   

    It’s one of those blogs where you come to care for the people that the blog is written about even though you don’t even know the people in real life. Not only is it informative (about Ari’s condition), but it’s also sweet and funny…obviously when writing about a child’s medical condition it can be sad and overwhelming, but despite the seriousness of the topic the writing is hopeful and optimistic, you definitely can’t help but care for this family’s story. Bonus Ari is a cutie pie and there are a ton of pics.

Also check out for ways to help not only Ari, but other children and families like Ari’s.

About Cristina

Voracious reader, future novelist, proud mother of one large chocolate lab ;) and purveyor of random knickknacks. Working thru diabetes, PCOS, random allergies (including yeast and tomato allergies...which I still find odd) and a yeast free diet.
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2 Responses to Echo of Hope

  1. Mike Schultz says:

    Thanks for the kind thoughts on the blog! – Ari’s dad

  2. Cristina says:

    You are very welcome! Your blog is amazing 🙂

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